Friday, December 13, 2013

Ultra-Ruin half eaten by jungle at Yangmingshan Mountain in Taipei, Taiwan.

Mahogany walkway leading towards the Ultra-Ruin through jungle. 

Entry to the Ruin complex.

View from the Loft terrace-deck. 

Central courtyard opening towards south and the river down in the valley. The red brick wall are the remaining ruins of the original Fujien -style farmhouse, from which the new wooden architecture is growing from

View towards the main hall and the Loft. 

Meditation platform on the roof of the main hall. 

The seed of the Ultra-Ruin complex, the table around which the rest of the structures have grown. 

Bronze and stone fire-place for grilling. 

Dinner table and view to the valley. 

Dinner table next to the jungle. 

Solid wood steps leading to the roof terrace. 

Detail of a pillar. Mahogany - bronze - stone. 

Pergola and way to the rest-rooms. 

Loft door locking details, bronze.

Loft bath-tube and fire-place.  

Loft bath-tub faucet, bronze.

Loft Moon-light.

Loft upper deck and Moon-light.

Loft steps. 

Loft with Moon and stars. 

Loft and the Moon-light from outside. 

Loft upper terrace deck .

Space below the terrace deck.

Door handle details, bronze.

Snake-steps connecting the different levels of the Ultra-Ruin terraces. 

Creepers reading architecture.

Kitchen roof window and cor-ten steel. 

Kitchen interior.

Sauna, the pool and meditation tower. 

Sauna cooking up. 

Sauna interior, Taiwanese cypress. 

Mountain stream pool.

After sauna chill-out tower. 

Pool in the tower. 

All photos: AdDa Zei / Casagrande Laboratory